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Tickle Text 2.1 (full scoop)

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Okay, here’s the skinny on Tickle Text 2.1.

I know…I just did 2.0 last week…

So, let me go over all the new features, since, I have added features I haven’t yet listed here, too.

2.0 added:
fpt tool to upload/download pages/scripts to a webserver
comment/uncomment lines
templates for perl and python scripts
saving user preferences and color theme
some help dialogs

2.1 adds:
updated Tickle Dictionary (last release still had outdated version integrated).
python shell
and, of course, Livejournal posting.

I have updated the tarball at Sourceforge, of course,
and, updated the Tickle Text home page

Tickle Text is still a long way from emacs…and, thank the GODS!
At least my keybindings make sense on a modern keyboard!

I’m pretty proud of myself.
I started learning bash scripting in November, started learning tcl in January, and, yet, I have a pretty useful little editor out there…
I rock!

Written by tonybaldwin

September 14, 2008 at 11:17 am

Tickle Text does LJ!

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Last night I successfully wrote a tcl proc to send a post to LJ.
(Much thanks to KIBO, EMILIANO & KOSTIX on #tcl @freenode for assistance.)
I hadn’t yet incorporated it into Tickle Text, per se.

But, now I have.
I am using Tickle Text to make this post! Honest!

Now, I seem to be having difficulty figuring out how to set tags, music, mood, and other elements.
That part of dealing with the protocol is not clear to me.
Also, I have not included configuration of which userpic to use, or what security settings, so, by default,
entries will use your default userpic, and, your default security setting (public if you have a public journal, friends if you have a friends only setup…).
Also, I have not made tcltext a full LJ client in terms of downloading and editing posts or managing any other such matters.
I may continue to work on those matters…I don’t know…

What it can do now is send a quick post, including the date and subject.
Simple…I know.
But it’s a step forward!
I am going to make a release, right now, of Tickle Text 2.1, including this new LJ posting feature.
(probably by the time you read this, it will be up…)

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September 14, 2008 at 10:42 am

there is no wm

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like fluxbox…
After all the fuss with other WMs, I am back using Fluxbox to get my work done.
Nothing else is as comfortable and efficient for me.
The light, flowery theme didn’t last long though…
Here you have my current desktop, and, the co0l wallpaper I made for it.
For those that might be tiring of the constant screenshotness, I have made smaller thumbnails,
but, srsly, you should check these shots out…


there is no spoon... gnu public license - matrix wallpaper

I have removed all traces of fvwm, icewm, jwm, afterstep, Ion3, and mwm from my system.
I am keeping twm on as a light alternative, or something…


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September 8, 2008 at 1:09 am

Tickle Text 1.7

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Tickle Text 1.7
Tickle Text 1.7
I re-arranged the Tickle Text menus to make a little more sense.
(I had kind of just stuffed things in anywhere).
Fixed openfile to open a new window if/onlyif the current window’s
textfield is occupied.
I fixed the closefile option to ask if you want to save first, and to properly reset the filename variable, so one can close one file and open a new one without opening a new window.
I made the special characters dialog a virtual keyboard (borrowed from Supernotepad).
I moved the “go to line no.” to the search (formerly find/replace) dialog, instead of on the main toolbar.
So, most of these changes are cosmetic, but not entirely.

Written by tonybaldwin

April 2, 2008 at 12:29 pm