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TKLJ – a tcl/tk Livejournal client

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I have written a stand-alone, free/open source, cross-platform LJ client in tcl/tk.

further information here

I figured,”why not? ”

I mean, it’s not like there aren’t enough LJ Clients…right?

I will continue to include LJ posting in tickle text, of course, but thought a stand-alone client would be fun to write.

It still needs some work.
It wouldn’t even get listed on the LJ Client page here at LJ yet, since, it doesn’t download and edit prior posts…yet.
I think once I get that working, it will qualify.
At this point, it does all the stuff I added to tickle text, but doesn’t have all the other stuff tickle text does…of course.
Since it doesn’t use any Linux specific LaTeX or pdf conversion scripts, or use lp printing routines, etc., it should function on any platform.
Of course, my install script is written for Linux, but, I imagine that would work on BSD or Mac OS, just as well, and an astute Windows user (you know…like Military Intelligence, Civil War, or Jumbo Shrimp.. 😛 ), could probably figure out how to get the pieces together.
Really, all the install script does is move the tcl script to /usr/local/bin, and make a .tklj dir in /home/user, and stick a tklj.conf file in there.
I could probably find someone to write a specific install script for other platforms.

Written by tonybaldwin

September 17, 2008 at 9:07 pm


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It looks as though, with the assistance of pne, that I have succeeded in adding mood, tunes, tags, to the lj posting feature in tickle text.

I have also succeeded in posting to other journals (ie. communities, first such post made to )

I may add additional features later today, but, I must catch a train and go interpret for a trial.


post made with tickle text

Written by tonybaldwin

September 16, 2008 at 7:58 am