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Linguas OS, Linux for Translators, current project status: HIJACKED

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Back in 07/08, I created a gnu/linux livecd distribution designed for translators, called Linguas OS.  It was a fun project, but, eventually, due to low demand and lack of support from others in the FREE Software community and translation industry, I closed the project.  The last release was made on Jan. 28, 2008.

This past December, I allowed the domain,, to lapse.


Someone has purchased the domain, and, oddly, reposted material that I wrote to it, including information about TickleTunes. I wouldn’t really care so much if they were posting the ISO for download, and or other code I produced; After all, it’s all fully GPL/FREE/Open Source stuff. What does kind of bother me that they are somehow trying to claim my work as their own and capitalize on it in a sneaky and dishonest manner, and, they have attempted to claim copyrights of material (not code, just written material) that they copied from the old site, that I wrote! That’s definitely not cool. They aren’t offering any free downloads, nor giving up any code. They are posting written material that I WROTE, and images that I CREATED, and claiming copyright to them, which is sheer nonsense. I release all my code under the GPL, so if they were giving that away, I’d be all kinds of happy.  The written material and images from the old linguasos site, that now appear on the new one, however, were either a) my copyrighted material, or b) Creative Commons released to further the purposes of FREE Software and the Linguas Os project, in general.  Nobody else has any right to copyright those materials that I created.

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February 20, 2010 at 8:19 am

there is no wm

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like fluxbox…
After all the fuss with other WMs, I am back using Fluxbox to get my work done.
Nothing else is as comfortable and efficient for me.
The light, flowery theme didn’t last long though…
Here you have my current desktop, and, the co0l wallpaper I made for it.
For those that might be tiring of the constant screenshotness, I have made smaller thumbnails,
but, srsly, you should check these shots out…


there is no spoon... gnu public license - matrix wallpaper

I have removed all traces of fvwm, icewm, jwm, afterstep, Ion3, and mwm from my system.
I am keeping twm on as a light alternative, or something…


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September 8, 2008 at 1:09 am

green is groOvy…

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I got tired of all the black-n-blueness and opted for a cheeful, springy green theme.
I needed a little cheering up.
(that is one of my photos in the wallpaper)
I’m not sure how long that will last, though…
A dark screen is easier on my eyes when I put in 15 or 18 hour days translating and/or hacking…
Notice, of course, that I’m still deeply entrenched in a terminal,
as, I am making this post with lynx.

Note how well Tickle Text fits in well with this theme…Of course, it fits with any theme, since it’s completely themable.
You know…I wrote in a module with some preset themes, like about 10, and never released that.
I’ve been meaning to work more on it, anyway.
I’ve been meaning in the means to save some user configurations (like saving a color theme, prefered browser prefered terminal, etc).
Since I already made such features available to TclScreen and TclUP, it know how to do it.
I just haven’t put the time in…
On that note, I do think I will build TclUP right in for uploading scripts and pages, etc…Why not.
Heck, if I could figure out where to learn the protocol for uploading LJ posts, I’d build that in, too.
Of course, I believe they have to formated in xml or something, which complicates the matter a bit…Or, at least makes it time consuming.
I could just keep adding stuff…By the time I reach 60 or so, I could have a text editor nearly as bloated as Emacs…
Well, that might be a stretch…


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September 6, 2008 at 9:16 pm

Linguas OS 2.0 – Coming Soon to a computer in YOUR neighborhood!

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I have been working on making new LinguasOS isos.
Synaptic/apt is giving me woes, though.
I’m trying to update all the packages before remastering the system, and, as is often the case with PCLinuxOS, for reasons unknown to me, it is having trouble fetching packages from some repos.
I hate that.
Usually if I keep trying, eventually I get everything.
As soon as I have everything, I will remaster.
But, Most of it is already updated, including some package line-up changes:
Added Esperantilo
Removed xfmedia
Added gxine and xmms
Added TclUP and TclScreen
(not that either has much to do with translation, but an FTP tools is quite frequently useful.)
Updated the other applications I wrote, such as TickleDict,
and TransProCalc.
Added slock.
Removed ActiveState’s Tcl8.5, and installed regular old tlc8.5,
since, to be for sure, I should not be redistributing ActiveState’s package.
Added new wallpapers and fluxbox themes…very important…
Basically, it will have nearly everything I’ve recently done to my laptop, although, I am building
it on my experimental box, as before. (Laptop has client, and a few other things I am
not adding to the iso, but, otherwise…)
One thing I am still pondering is whether to remove the OmegaT
from PCLinuxOS repos, which is 1.7.2, and install OmegaT 1.8.0.
1.8.0 is a huge improvement, and that’s all I’m using, but, I consider
that it is useful to have the apt-able program there.
I don’t know.
I have considered attempting to build an apt repo at
just for packages I write, and a few other things not available in the PCLinuxOS repos (such as bitext2tmx and esperantilo), and things they don’t keep up with (OmegaT)…That may prove difficult, however, since
I can’t get a shell on the server…
But if I can figure out a way around that, I could add said repo
to the apt repos list in Linguas OS and simplify keeping my packages
up to date, and some of these other matters.
I am considering moving my hosting, too.
I paid for a whole year on the server where is now, but,
I think once that’s up, I will seek hosting where I can get a shell.
I’ve found hosts that offer even more bandwidth and space for comparable, if not better, prices.

In other news, TclScreen is now up at both freshmeat and sourceforge.
It was just approved at SF this morning, however, so, I have done nothing to set it up there, yet.

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August 26, 2008 at 10:36 am

Lynx, a text based browser

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I am making this post using the Lynx text based browser, in my terminal, Sakura.

Here is a screenshot:

click to enlarge
Pretty cool, I suppose.
Yes…I am a geek.
I’m not ashamed.
(Funny how I amuse myself with my first morning coffee, no?)
Now, on to more important things…

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August 19, 2008 at 6:28 am