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deeper and deeper…

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I’ve just totally sunk into a world of dark, blackness….
with pretty colored text.

I’m find myself using my terminal for anything I can get away with now…

chatting on irc with irssi
for instance…

listening to tunes while chatting on irc in irssi

the other tabs on my terminal or doing other stuff, too.

Heck, my last post…the long, long list o’ tunes, well, I did
ls -R /mnt/storage/tunes > tuneslist.txt
to pipe the list output from terminal to a text file.
Then I did use a gui text editor, my Tickle Text
to edit the rest of the html to make a web page with it…uploaded it with my TclUP
Before you know it, I’ll be editing html pages in nano in terminal and ftp-ing them to my site in a wish terminal (since tcl has good ftp tools)…
I’ll be writing lj-posts via e-mail with mutt, and reading my friend’s page with Lynx
I’m hopeless…

Written by tonybaldwin

September 2, 2008 at 2:32 pm