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PyGrill: Throw some FreshMeat on the Grill

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PyGrill:  Throw some FreshMeat on the Grill

PyGrill: Throw some FreshMeat on the Grill

Well…I’ve been translating like mad for weeks and weeks on end, so, after deliverying a project in the weehours last night, and, well, what with spring in the air, I decided to take a bit of time off from translating today, and do that which seemed most appropriate:
engage in a bit of hackery.

Well, you know, spring/creation, being creative…

I’ve decided to try and hack up a graphical user interface (gui) for ESR’s freshmeat-submit.
Mr. Raymond’s freshmeat-submit is a python script for submitting projects to, the popular software site (on which I have several projects of my own, in tcl/tk, not python).
All I’m trying to do is make a gui to interact with his script, and in python/tkinter, as a learning experience, so, all the really nifty, hardcore hackery involved in this belongs to Mr. Raymond.

It’s here: PyGrill: Throw some FreshMeat on the Grill.

It’s a pretty n00bish, and rather inefficient bit of code, at this juncture, but I have plans.  This is the very beginnings of a beginning.  I haven’t even got it firing off the submit script, yet, but rather just spitting out the command line arguments to do so, by clicking marinade.  Eventually, “marinade” will save the xml output for future use, while “Grill it!” will actually fire off Mr. Raymond’s script and submit the project to Freshmeat.  But, I’m done working on it for today, because, my kid is home from school, it’s Friday, and it’s too darned nice out to stay in here and hack.  I think we’re going to go for a bike ride.

I wouldn’t even call this a beta release. It’s not even a release, really…it’s just a preview of what will be coming shortly.  I almost feel silly even posting about it at so early a stage, but, posting I am.
I explain my future plans, and display the rather inefficient, and quite incomplete code I’ve so far generated at on the wiki page I’ve created for the project. I’m sure I’ll have something better worked out within the week, and be posting about it again. Incidentally, this is only my second attempt at working with python/tkinter, and still one of my very earliest attempts with python, with or without gui elements.
And, no, I haven’t given up on good old Tcl/TK (with which I could have whipped out the whole, complete program in less time than I’ve spent on this feeble attempt). I’m just broadening my horizons.
After all, I do hope some day to be be a real hacker.

My goals in working on this project are:

  1. to better understand both python and tkinter;
  2. to learn how to generate xml with python, and;
  3. to learn how to play nice with the xml-rpc protocol, in order to;
  4. create a new blog client that will crosspost to wordpress, blogger, liverjournal, insanejournal, and dreamwidth.
  5. waste time hacking when I could be cleaning house, marketing, doing my taxes, etc.

Written by tonybaldwin

March 19, 2010 at 1:10 pm