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This is what Revolution looks like

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The historian Crane Brinton in his book &quotAnatomy of a Revolution&quot laid out the common route to revolution.

The preconditions for successful revolution, Brinton argued, are:

  • discontent that affects nearly all social classes,
  • widespread feelings of entrapment and despair,
  • unfulfilled expectations,
  • a unified solidarity in opposition to a tiny power elite,
  • a refusal by scholars and thinkers to continue to defend the actions of the ruling class,
  • an inability of government to respond to the basic needs of citizens,
  • a steady loss of will within the power elite itself and defections from the inner circle,
  • a crippling isolation that leaves the power elite without any allies or outside support and,
  • finally, a financial crisis.


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November 16, 2011 at 12:30 pm

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