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Un Système Purifié: PureOS GNU/Linux

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Pure OS Light

Pure OS Light & Iceweasel

In my continuing gnu/linux adventures, this evening I am playing with PureOS, a French gnu/linux distribution based on Debian/Testing.  For those unaware, Debian has three branches, stable (what I use for my work machines), testing, and unstable.  Currently, Squeeze is stable, but was just made so a week ago.  PureOS, as such, is still based on Squeeze.

All I can say is that it really feels like home! After all, this IS, more or less, Debian, simply with an adapted interface for the French, I suppose. PureOS IS also available in English, but I chose to experiment with the French version of PureOS Light, the XFCE4 flavored version. I would have to say, of all the LiveCD gnu/linux distributions I’ve toyed with, of late, PureOS may very well be the fastest. Now, usually running an operating system from your cdrom drive just isn’t fast, but, with PureOS, I almost forget that I’m running a LiveCD. It’s very snappy.
The full version includes the completely Free office suite, LibreOffice, which hasn’t yet been added to Debian, plus some other updated packages, but, since I only downloaded the Light version (I’m diabetic, after all), I have not yet played with LibreOffice with this system (I do have it running on my Debian/Squeeze systems).  So far, I have not determined any other real difference between PureOS, and what I’m running on my work machines, really, aside from these few updated packages, and the fact that this system is configured for French.  PureOS Light includes gnumeric, abiword, orage, epdfviewer, exaile music player, ristretto image viewer, and more.

More images here in
my screenshots album

Written by tonybaldwin

February 15, 2011 at 12:35 am

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