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I have now successfully posted to my own wordpress installation here at (see this post), using Xpostulate

Lotso progress this weekend:
Added wordpress posting, scribbld and inksome, changed LJ, IJ , DJ and DW posting to xmlrpc.
For some reason, I was unable to get scribbld and iziblog to accept xml posts.
At this juncture, scribbld, iziblog and inksome are all being sent flat posts, but, it would be better if all blogs were using the same method, rather than some accepting xmlrpc, and others using flat posting.
So, I need to figure out why scribbld and iziblog are refusing xmlrpc posts (and test xmlrpc with inksome).
That’s high on my priority list, at the moment.

Also, I will write in the means for YOU (dear user) to use Xpostulate with your custom wordpress installation, as I have just done with mine (wordpress posting in the currently released version is only to, but since I am now successfully posting to my custom install, shortly you will have the same option).

Then, of course, as previously mentioned various times, I will be implementing blogger functions, hopefully.

Written by tonybaldwin

April 10, 2010 at 11:46 am

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