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fun with sp@m comments…(clear examples of obvious use of machine translations)

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I wash it and

I get a lot of spam comments.

People drop in to leave links to online pharmaceutical sales sites, lonely wives dating, co-ed cam shows, get rich quick schemes…It’s all really annoying amusing.

Nonetheless, I have chosen to allow a few through just this past 24 hours, and would like to draw your attention to them.

This comment, for instance, is rather amusing. The poster posts a link to some site advertising the sale of some online translator software. It is obvious that the poster used said software.
His comment?

Greetings, naturally i solely thought i publish and let you be aware of your site layout is literally definitely nice”

I enjoyed that.

Here is another highly amusing comment.

I’m actually going to play right into this poster’s game, sort of, and encourage you to click through to his “blog” (it will open in a new tab/window if you click that link). This poster apparently copied articles from relevant news sources about the current health care debate in the US into their “blog, and, in between those articles, sprinkled original posts advertising acne control medications.

The reason said blog is so much fun is that it is patently obvious that the posts are the product of machine translation, and they are absolutely HILARIOUS!

Here is an example:

The well-wishing of acne mutilation with which you are afflicted velleity lay down the law the well-intentioned of acne spoil output you mould want and testament use. In most cases, selecting the most owing acne cicatrix artifact in behalf of your outer layer becomes uneasy because you may establish a combination of unlike kinds of acne burn in your body. So it is sick you misappropriate possession of point to about yourself to affirm the the uniform that commitment be seemly in state of your acne scar. This reason, this article comes in jolly masterly as it commitment book you on how to receive rid of acne waste virgin fast.

If comments like these continue to come in, I will continue to share them. Evidence to ensure me and my translator colleageus. No time in the near future will we be supplanted by machine translation.



Written by tonybaldwin

March 13, 2010 at 9:31 am

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