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I've been using Windows 3.1

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I have a terrible confession to make.  A terrible, dirty secret…
I’ve been using Windows…The  images below are screenshots taken on my machine.*

I know.  You thought you’d NEVER, EVER hear me say that. But, I can explain. Honest!
It’s not what it looks like!

No. I haven’t defected to the Evil Empire; I’ve just stumbled onto a nifty little website,
coded in Java and PHP, that emulates Windows3.1 in your browser complete with functioning Notepad, and, Minesweeper!
And, unlike the real thing, this Windows won’t crash, or get a virus…

There is a media player, a control panel (you can change the wallpaper), a functioning Notepad and Minesweeper,
Calcuator, other Windows accessories, and other stuff to play around with.  There is a file system, with videos, pictures, documents to viewed in the media player, picture viewer and Notepad.  You can write a text file and save it to your own machine. Heck, you can save his text files to your machine.

According to Michael’s README file: is coded in JavaScript and strict XHTML 1.0, with AJAX functionality provided through PHP. (…)

Kind of fun to play around with…
Visit and try it out!

click to enlarge
live MS-DOS prompt

(*running debian gnu/linux, playing on michael’ site using google-chrome browser)


Written by tonybaldwin

March 10, 2010 at 10:54 pm

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