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OmegaT 2.1.3 Released!

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This just in from M. Didier Briel, French translator and java developer:

OmegaT beta version 2.1.3 has been released.

This new version contains 6 enhancements, focused on compatibility with other programs.

There are two new filters: one for Windows Resources (RC) files, the other for Mozilla DTD files.

A new CSV (Comma Separated Values) glossary format is accepted.

Support has been implemented for multiple translation engines, including Belazar in addition to Google Translate. Belazar ( is a BelarusianRussian translation engine, and requires currently a local server.

There are 4 bug fixes, including an important one:
In some cases (for instance, footnotes in OOo documents), some paragraphs could be missing in the Editor. (fixed)
Some translatable text was also not available in the Help & Manual filter. (fixed)

As usual, you can get the new version following the directions in the OmegaT downloads page.

The Java Webstart version has not been updated yet, it will be updated later.

I’m still using 2.0.4, which has integration with google translate, uses dictionary files and glossaries, and, of course, handles a myriad of industry standard file formats, and is standards compliant in reference to the generation of translations memories in standard .tmx format.
Great stuff. I use it for about 80% of my translation work.
OmegaT rocks!
I have downloaded the new beta OmegaT 2.1.3 release, and I am already using it to do my work.
All is well!
Since I don’t translate Belarusian or Russian, and all of my glossaries are in the .tab or .utf8 format, I confess, I’m not seeing much of a difference.
But that’s not a bad thing. It just means that the added features have not disturbed the phenomenal performance of this amazing, FREE CAT tool.
I was using 2.0.4, until this moment.

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February 21, 2010 at 8:35 am

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