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I did a few things on

I believe I already mentioned the new blog (um…you’re looking at it), but now, I have also made a wiki.

I’m not sure of the utility of the wiki.
I mean, if other people were developing software together with me (which is what the whole concept of ‘open source community’ is suppose to mean), then it would probably be useful…but, as open as my source is, and as Free as my software is, I’m kind of working alone.

In all truth, I like making my own stuff.
The project that I do wish I could get some other hands involved with would be transprocalc,

mostly because I think it really does have the potential to be something really useful, and meet a demand that is largely unmet, AND, I’ve gotten bored enough with it that I haven’t done any work on it for over a year, despite believing that there’s a lot more that could be done…
I should dig back into that. Seriously, it could be very useful.

I did, at the very least, make it a new wiki page, and put some new screenshots on it.
That might motivate me to get back to work on it…maybe.

I’d rather play with fun things like little screeshot snapper utilities, ftp clients, and LJ clients…

I should have been, and, indeed, should now be, translating more of these Brazilian articles…


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February 19, 2010 at 12:44 pm

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