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Opera, Chrome, Forefox, the endless browser dilemma…

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I’m trying Opera 10.10 browser (on Debian GNU/Linux, Stable/Lenny).
It is BLAZING fast. I ain’t gonna lie.
It kicks Firefox in the seat of the pants, as far as speed goes, and looks like it might come close to outpacing google-chrome.
It seems to have a lot of nice features.
It includes a mail client…not sure if I like the mail client, yet.
It also has an integrated IRC client, which is decent.
It imported my google-chrome bookmarks rather easily, and it has a feature, like chrome, where you can synch bookmarks between machines, which I find incredibly useful.
It looks nice, too.

(obligatory screenshot)

I’ve been using google-chrome as my default browser for a while, now.

The advantages in google-chrome over my previous choice, Firefox, are the bookmark synching (I hear FF has an extension for that, though), and speed, plus the way it integrates well with various google services I use (gmail, docs, calendar, etc.).
Also, you KNOW I’m a religious fanatic about FREE Software. Google-chrome is under the BSD license, which means it’s Free enough for me. Also, while, in my experience, Google-chrome is usually, mostly faster than Firefox, it seems to get bogged down loading pages in tabs, so that, while one tab is loading something, another tab becomes unavailable. I think that’s silly, and believe FF does better at loading other tabs in the background while maintaining the current tab available. Also, the google-chrome extension to block ads, while it keeps me from actually seeing the ads, seems to not block the ads from being downloaded, which seems a contradiction to me. I could not care less about seeing the ads. The reason I want to block them is so that they don’t slow down my internet experience. All the same, chrome is faster than FF+Adblocker. Seriously.

Now, Firefox has a nice features, and I’ve been using mozilla products for years. I can tell it to handle mailto: links with just about anything, from thunderbird, evolution or other mail clients, to mutt, even, or can be offered the choice of using several web-based mail services (I have accts on gmail, yahoo!, hotmail, etc.) I had been using, of course, Iceweasel, which is really just the Debian version of Firefox, in all truth, which means it’s 100% free (although the mozilla-firefox, apparently, has some conflicts with 100% full Free/GPLness, mostly just with © logos, from what I understand).

Opera, while blisteringly quick, slick, and pretty, and with some nice features, is decidedly NOT FREE.
Which means, in all good conscience, I am not likely to make it my default browser or use it extensively. I’m just currently wasting time playing with it, because, I just got a HUGE translation project, and, lately I don’t seem to be productive, and end up distracting myself with nonsense when I should be working. Seriously.
But, I like Opera. I won’t lie.
Were it FREE Software (it is free, as in free beer, i.e. price=$0.00, but not FREE, as in FREE Speech, or FOSS (FREE/Open Source Software)), then I find it likely that it would, indeed have a chance of becoming my favorite browser. A slim chance…maybe.
I did manage to crash it already, twice within the first hour of bringing it out to play. That’s not a good sign…Maybe it’s not all they say, after all…

Okay, so that’s enough babbling about Opera, and/or browser wars.
I’ve got to get back to work.

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February 18, 2010 at 12:36 pm

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  1. My take on browsers is the following:

    Opera – I have been a long user of it, before I became interested in free software. It has been usually the leading browser in standards. I’d definitely continue using it, if it were free. Also it seems like Linux build is still second class citizen (no 10.50 beta for Linux).

    Chrome – My current browser. It’s the most advanced browser currently available and it’s free. I love the simplistic and space saving style, every browser has planned this kind of features for their future versions. The ad thing is a bummer. I’m also skeptical about Google and the non-optional usage tracking.

    Firefox – A bit outdated in performance and UI. I’m definitely looking forwards 3.7 and 4.0 to come out.

    Midori seems also interesting project.


    February 26, 2010 at 4:06 pm

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    [editor's note: Clearly this commenter used his onlinetranslator product advertised in his link…hilarious…I still have a job! <ins datetime="2010-03-13T16:08:38+00:00">]

    Manual Guillebeau

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