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Just a brief note…
I started to hack up a little ticklish client for, the microblogging site.
It’s here: IdenTickles, on the baldwinsoftware wiki.
There’s not much to it, really…just a little tcl/tk gui to enter a “dent”, which calls curl to send it to

here’s a screenshot

Wouldn’t be exciting at
all, if it weren’t for the fact that I had Salma Hayek on my desktop wallpaper that day…

In other news: I keep hacking at the site. I changed the css colors, most significantly, today, but I’ve also decided to eschew use of the nabble news and forum elements I was using before, as well as the nanoblog I had built, opting rather to use this wordpress blog to post news of new releases and developments, and to make use of the wikidot wiki for any forums or other discussion.
In all truth, not a soul has participated in the nabble news or forums, other than little old me, anyway, so I’m not expecting much of a party here, either.
I figure maintaining the wiki is useful, and to that end, I’d like to move the baldwinsoftware wiki from wikidot to here on this server as well.

I’ve tried to install mediawiki, but am experiencing difficulties at the moment…


Written by tonybaldwin

February 18, 2010 at 2:08 am

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