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FREE software alternatives for translators

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I’ve been using FREE Software exclusively for about 10 years now, including Debian Gnu/Linux as my operating system, and all FREE/Open Source tools, for all of my work.
In addition to OmegaT, I have also, now, been using Anaphraseus.

Both are FREE/Open Source Software, CAT (computer aided translation) tools, and fully cross-platform. OmegaT handles a far broader range of file formats (all MSOffice files, converted to ODF formats, the new docx, xlsx, pptx files, without conversion, Trados ttx files, html, xml, xliff, po,, other text formats and software localization formats, etc., etc.), and, to date, just feels more efficient for me. There are advantages in how it handles translation memories, as well (can use an entire directory full of tmx files for reference, and still generates a project specific TM for each project, whereas Anaphraseus only works with one TM). Anaphraseus, however, functions similar to the popular CAT tool, Wordfast®, only as an extension to (which is also Free/OSS), as opposed to M$Office®. As such, it will generate “unclean” .doc files, which various clients want, for use with both Trados and Wordfast.
Both OmegaT and Anaphraseus, thus, serve different purposes for me. I use OmegaT for more frequently, but when I need Anaphraseus’ functions, I am quite happy to use it, and regard both programs as fantastic tools.
I served as the localization coordinator for the OmegaT project for about a year and a half. It felt really good to be part of the project and contribute, even in this small way, to its continued success.
So, I decided that I’d like to contribute to Anaphraseus, as well. Now, I don’t write java, which is why my contribution to OmegaT was in the auspices of localization coordinator. Anaphraseus is written as an extension to, in StarBasic. I don’t even know if I’ve ever heard of StarBasic before this project, so, clearly I can’t contribute to the code. But the project had no updated documentation, so, I took the rather outdated, and now quite erroneous user and installation manual, and updated it: Anaphraseus Manual.

For years I used FOSS and gnu/linux without making any more of a contribution than some advocacy for FOSS in schools (while teaching in public schools, I formeraly administered a site for said advocacy at, but no longer own this domain), so it feels good to be able to contribute in more hands-on ways. Some day I’m going to be a real hacker, and actually contribute code, but, until then, helping with localization (part of my industry, anyway), and writing documentation are good…Ways to get my feet wet, anyway.

In any case, if you are a translator, I highly recommend both, OmegaT and Anaphraseus. They’re great tools, run in Mac, Windows or Gnu/Linux, and, above all, you sure can’t beat the price of both, the software and support ($0.00)!

For more information on FREE/Open Source Software in the translation industry, see: foss
Linux for Translators article: foss for translators.

(originally posted at nabble news)

Written by tonybaldwin

February 18, 2010 at 12:22 pm

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