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Currently, I have own/manage several sites, on several hosts, and with domains registered in with several registrars.
That’s all in the process of being streamlined, as I type.
I’ve had (my art/photos/music site) hosted with DWHS Inc., who is a pretty good host, really (linux servers, good tools, etc., fairly decent value); I have (linux for translators) hosted at, who provides excellent service and a great value in terms of disc space, bandwidth, etc. for the dough. I have and hosted in subdirectories of
The domains,, and are all registered with MyDomain Inc., which provides fairly decent domain management features, and good domain reg prices, with two of the domains, as mentioned, simply forwarding to subdirs on the linguasos hosting acct.
I have (my translation services agencies, and main source of income) hosted via “free” hosting that comes with my paid account at (a site for freelance translators and language services providers).
Basically, I have a mess…and I pay three or four entities to keep all this stuff up on the internets.
Now, I’m no longer developing the Linguas OS project, so that domain is simply going to vanish into the ether.
So now I have altered my account, and will be keeping as the top level on that hosting account, and reconfiguring the site accordingly. Also, since I got one killer deal (150gb space, unfathomable bandwidht, etc, and the capacity to host unlimited domains), and also moving to that godaddy account. I may move over, too.
I’ve also transfered the domain registrations all to
Now I will have one registrar, one host, one bill (and a very reasonable one at that…roughly $6.00 a month for all that disk space and bandwidth and mysql dbs and…oh…it’s all so exciting!).
A few sites have or are being let go in the process: – rock en español, a wasted venture; will likely fade away, while the project will simply be hosted on will fade away, but I will probably keep the old ISOs on hand at, for posterity.
And, I will have three main sites still online for all my goodies: – my translation business – for all my hackery and geekish tomfoolery – for all my artistic endeavours, photos, music, etc.
This consolidates my scattered web presences, streamlines my overhead, and will make my life a lot easier, all while actually giving me HUGE amounts of online storage disc space and bandwidth.
I’ll be able to add new sites to the same account, registering any new domains with this same provider, like falling off a log, if I so choose.
I should have done this long ago.
The only draw back with the godaddy acct is that I don’t have shell access (ssh, scp), and godaddy’s online cpanel and tools are kind of crappy, but I manage my sites writing pages in a text editor and uploading them via ftp, anyway, so that’s hardly significant, since I will have ftp access, of course.
Now, with all that glorious disk space, I am tempted to think of new sites to launch, and venture into php and other goodies. I’ve had numerous online ventures that more or less floundered, so I don’t want to waste time trying to repeat mistakes I’ve learned from already, but, gosh, I gotta do something with all that space…honestly. I think if/once I move over, I’ll probably implement the webservice version of OmegaT right on there, which will be great for outsourcing translation projects. I won’t have to send files and deal with various applications, etc., but simply send the provider a link to the OmegaT project on the server, where they can do their work. That would be cool. I’m not sure how complicated that will be, though…we’ll see. Some of that can already be done with shared google docs, but, as much as I love google, I’d rather have my work on my own server, and away from the prying eyes of their spiders, or whatever.
I’m wondering for how long some of my sites might be down while I move stuff around.
Oh, and I’ve nearly forgotten…I also need to move over (my Unitarian Universalist related art), and (obvious, just forwards to for search ranking purposes, gets me work).
All that, and using petrus to semi-simultaneously post to three distinct blog/journals, is seriously simplifying my online activities.


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October 22, 2009 at 8:17 am

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