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I’m sitting here downloading and backing up all the relevant materials for and and, and I’m realizing what a load of work it is going to be to get them all back up and online and gro0vy once the domain transfers resolve, etc.For one thing, I have a lot of images hard-linked to various locations all over, including in the domain, which will be expiring, so I’m going to have to update all the links. I’m going to have to edit nearly every page on these sites.I’ve decided I’m more or less going to give a complete overhaul, anyway. It needs it.This is going to be a lot of work, and will take a while, so, I probably shouldn’t have decided to get started on all of this right now, while I’m moving, etc., but, at the same time, I think I should have done it all a long time ago. After the initial heavy lifting is done, my online presence will be much simpler to manage, and, I believe, once I’ve done a bit of reconfiguration, these sites will come out more attractive and useful. My online presence has just been too scattered and schizophrenic for too long. Time to consolidate, simplify, and beautify the whole chaotic morass of scattered sites and disorganized links, etc.


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October 22, 2009 at 10:51 am

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