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Okay, I’ve just learned that Petrus does, indeed, now support insanejournal, as well as blogger and livejournal.Of course, as mentioned earlier, it will not post to all three simultaneously, but requires that I login to all three accounts, in three separate windows, and then copy/paste the post to each windows, and click three different buttons to post to all three journal/blogs simultaneously…What it does mean, however, is that I could conceivably dig into the petrus code and work up a way to make it post to all three simultaneously, perhaps….Except that Petrus is written in Java, and have no Java fu. I once successfully wrote a “Hello, World!” in Java, but that’s as far as I got.Wish I could find one of these in tcl, perl, or python…I’ve been looking at the blogger api docs, and I find it a bit confusing.I wrote my LJ/IJ clients to work with simple HTTP posting, not xml-rpc, etc.Basically, there are some simple elements to posting to a blog:a) the handshake (identifying and authenticating with the server)b) posting.That must is cake, really…or so it seems.Sending a post via simple HTTP is rather uncomplicated, basically sending a plain text file identifying certain variables. Not too tough, as witnessed by my success in doing so for LJ and IJ, with my rather feeble hacker fu. But making my app create a suitable xml file will be a bit more convoluted and time consuming, in terms of generating the code.Anyway, I’m about to click three buttons to simultaneously post this to three blog/journals.In the future I may have worked out to do so without so much clickety clicking…


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October 22, 2009 at 6:51 am

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