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Well…my staples “plug-n-play” monitor is now cooperating, and displaying at its “optimal native resolution” (being 1680×1050), without hiccoughing, complaining, or displaying “INPUT NOT SUPPORT” [sic] or “NO SIGNAL”.
The solution was, unfortunately, a proprietary driver…
I don’t like proprietary stuff.
But, I am using, now, the fgrlx driver, and all is visually gro0vy…

In other news, my car is here, in the driveway, now.
The guy I bought it from didn’t want it sitting around in his driveway any longer, so he slapped on a dealer plate and drove it over here…
I want to drive it now…
I’d better wait till I get the registration squared away on Tuesday, though.
Gosh…I could probably print my own “temporary plate”…but, I thinking risking being pulled over with a temp plate of my own creation might be unwise…
And, dude…those mechanics…they really know how to time a gas tank.
The car must have three drops of gasoline in it.
I hope it makes it to a gas station when I get the plate on it…
Of course, if I can get it to the end of the block, I could just about coast downhill to one about 5 blocks from here…


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September 21, 2008 at 8:08 am

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