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What it sounds like in the morning chez nous:
(won’t make sense if you aren’t bilingual in English and Português-Brasileiro, and this is an attempt to write the phonetics of the matter, sort of…but it amuses me…)

Mrs. B: Bawn jee-ah
Me: g’mornin’…Djeet brefiss yet?
Mrs. B: kay?
Me: Jzock’mayoo algooma coisa?
Mrs. B: Ayina now, now tang nadencasa kay keyroo…
Me: Oh, yeah…I should go to Shaw’s today…nantang oh-voos encasa…Scare sa-ear prakom-air?
Mrs. B: Okay, where ya wango? Ah-kella diner pear-toad Stopin Shopi?
Me: yeah, sure…gosh-too oh omelechi florenchini ah-lee.
Mrs. B.: Why..porkay am’nina aynitancasa? Now tang scola oj?
Me: Now…teacher in-service.
Mrs. B: Why so?
Me: Oze professores tang algoomintrainimentoo.
Mrs. B: town, vamoos banyarmos e pronto, ta.
Me: to do bang…

All this with Univision’s Despierta America in the background in Spanish, mind you…

It’s often like this…conversations half in my best Yankee dialect, half in Mineirim Brasileiro…
My wife and I both switching back-n-forth between two or three languages…

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Written by tonybaldwin

September 18, 2008 at 7:49 am

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