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I’m going to blame you.
I mean, why not…
Otherwise, I have nobody but myself to blame…

The problem?
The graphics card I ordered, you know, to use with my new monitor, so I can use the DVI connector, since with AVG there is an issue…yeah, that card,
well, the one I ordered arrived today, and there isn’t a single slot in my motherboard that will accommodate it.

If anyone wants it, it is now on ebay:
ATI RADEON 9550 8X/4X 256 mb graphics card, with AVG, DVI and TV out, dual monitor compatible

Now, here’s where you people are to blame.
Somebody should have told me that there are different kinds of slots for such things!
I mean, I just assumed it would fit into a PCI slot, and I have 4 bays for PCI slots on the case…I assumed I have 4 empty slots for PCI cards.
As it is, there are only 2 PCI slots, but one of these was occupied by a dial-up modem card…Not like I’m ever going to use that, so, I pulled that out, and attempted to seat my spiffy new graphics card….
It doesn’t fit into a PCI slot.
Apparently, it requires an AGP slot, whatever on God’s green earth that is.
I don’t have any AGP slot.
So, now, since TigerDirect won’t take a return on the item, I’m trying to recoup my loss on ebay, and figure out what kind of card I can use that:
a) will fit into a PCI slot. (very important)
b) is compatible with Linux, and, specifically PCLinuxOS. (also very important)
c) has DVI capabilities. (essential).

Because, see, the card I bought is compatible with PCLinuxOS and Linux and my monitor, etc. I verified that.
It just never occured to me that there would be some other kind of slot…
I mean, I’ve only ever purchased network cards and one sound card, and every single one of them fit into a PCI slot.
I’ve never even heard of an AGP slot.

I hope you feel really awful, too, for neglecting to inform me of such things…

You could make up for your negligence, of course, by recommending a suitable card, now…

I’ve now ordered this card.
a Diamond Stealth Radeon 9250 – 256MB DDR, PCI, DVI, TV-Out, Video Card

Hope this one works out…

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September 16, 2008 at 9:08 pm

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