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Tickle Text 2.1 (full scoop)

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Okay, here’s the skinny on Tickle Text 2.1.

I know…I just did 2.0 last week…

So, let me go over all the new features, since, I have added features I haven’t yet listed here, too.

2.0 added:
fpt tool to upload/download pages/scripts to a webserver
comment/uncomment lines
templates for perl and python scripts
saving user preferences and color theme
some help dialogs

2.1 adds:
updated Tickle Dictionary (last release still had outdated version integrated).
python shell
and, of course, Livejournal posting.

I have updated the tarball at Sourceforge, of course,
and, updated the Tickle Text home page

Tickle Text is still a long way from emacs…and, thank the GODS!
At least my keybindings make sense on a modern keyboard!

I’m pretty proud of myself.
I started learning bash scripting in November, started learning tcl in January, and, yet, I have a pretty useful little editor out there…
I rock!


Written by tonybaldwin

September 14, 2008 at 11:17 am

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