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RE: the monitor…I have determined that the real issue is that my video card doesn’t support the resolutions I want/need correctly, as it has only VGA output, whereas the monitor also accepts DVI.
So, I ordered this new video card, which I’ve already checked with the PCLOS supported hardware database.
It has DVI output, and should not only solve the resolution issue with my monitor, but likely also allow me to use GLscreensavers and other gro0vy 3d stuff with ease…

In other news,
I rock.
And so does FOSS.
OpenOffice, tickle text, and TclScreen, in particular (the last two being, of course, my creations…)

A colleague on one of my professional e-mail lists was having difficulties rendering an estimate for a job in which she is to charge per line of text (as opposed to per word or page, which is more common here…charging per line is common in some European countries, but, mostly, per word is the standard unit in translation work). M$Orifice doesn’t count lines…stoopit proprietary cr@p that it is…(or, at least, not with configurable options, such as not counting blank lines, as my colleague desires).

So, I created this page to show how OpenOffice will meet her needs, complete with screenshots.
I snapped the shots and uploaded them with TclScreen, then wrote the html page to display and explain them with tickle text, which also now has an ftp tool, and, as such, uploaded the page for me, displaying the url of the newly uploaded page, which I swiftly pasted to an e-mail and fired off to said colleague.
All together, it took less than 3 minutes.
In 3 minutes, I created a quick tutorial, with images, and uploaded it to the web, using tools I created…

I m teh fro0piest…



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September 11, 2008 at 10:55 am

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