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Bank of America ROCKS!!!

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I’ve used many banks (fleet, people’s, webster, etc., etc.), and I have never, ever been more satisfied than I am with Bank of America.

I received an e-mail from them today asking me to review my account activity, and phone them, because they had noticed suspicious behaviour on my account.
Now, of course, I was suspicious of the e-mail, first, so, I just opened my online banking, without clicking on the link in the e-mail.
I did not notice anything, to tell the truth, but, I called the bank, using the service number on their website, and they patched me through to the proper department.

Their was suspicious activity! I didn’t even notice!
There was a $2.95 purchase from (major league baseball), that I never made.
I don’t watch professional sports…Never have…
They girl at the bank explained that when people steal your card no., the make a small purchase, first, to see if it’s going to work.
They caught it right away, and shut down my card, and are sending another.
Thank the gods!
I currently have thousands of dollars in that account…Like two months income.
Heck, so far this month, I’ve had about $14,000.00 in deposits to the account…(some checks, other wire transfers from clients).
(I get it like that sometimes…I don’t get paid for anything for a month or two, then suddenly all my money appears at once).
I have transferred all of my dough to my business account, so I have access to it while waiting for a new card to arrive.

But, I’m still shaking my head here…absolutely amazed that Bank of America caught this $2.95 purchase from, and began investigating the matter right away…
I mean, this is the USA. People like baseball here!
But, they, apparently, recognized that, in the 4 years I have used their bank, I have never purchased anything remotely related to MLB, or other sports.
And, of course, she explained the MO of these cro0ks that steal your card no., then make a small purchase as a test.
Now, the question is, who got my card number, and how?
The girl said it was probably in a restaurant, like a waiter, or something…
I got to thinking…I purchased a grocery cart thing yesterday in a small odds-n-ends store that opened close to home just within the last two months…
It’s the only place I’ve made a purchase recently that I have not frequented for a long time, and trust.
Heck, I never go anywhere. I make regular purchases at Walgreens in Shaws, and occasionally CVS, and couple of local take-out places, all of whom I have patronized for over a year without issue.
And the guy at this store held my card unusually long to make the purchase, and, he had a swiper thing, but didn’t allow me to swipe the card, but rather took the card from my hand to do it himself…
That’s got me wondering now…Of course, I don’t know anything for certain, so, I won’t mention where the store is…I don’t want to cause problems for a local business needlessly, based only on suspicion.


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September 11, 2008 at 5:14 pm

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