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like fluxbox…
After all the fuss with other WMs, I am back using Fluxbox to get my work done.
Nothing else is as comfortable and efficient for me.
The light, flowery theme didn’t last long though…
Here you have my current desktop, and, the co0l wallpaper I made for it.
For those that might be tiring of the constant screenshotness, I have made smaller thumbnails,
but, srsly, you should check these shots out…


there is no spoon... gnu public license - matrix wallpaper

I have removed all traces of fvwm, icewm, jwm, afterstep, Ion3, and mwm from my system.
I am keeping twm on as a light alternative, or something…



Written by tonybaldwin

September 8, 2008 at 1:09 am

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