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I tried the Afterstep wm:

I also tried MWM:

To tell the truth, I didn’t like either of them.

As far as I am concerned fluxbox still rules the roost.

Afterstep wouldn’t be too bad, but customization is complicated, honestly, and, the thing I hated most was that you can’t get window focus by clicking on the window. You have to click on the window’s entry in the pager, or in a menu that comes up by clicking on the desktop.
That’s just stupid.
Editing the menus is an exercise in stupidity, too.
With fluxbox, you edit a text file to alter your menu.
Same thing for altering keybindings.
Editing your keybindings and menus in fluxbox is like falling off a log.
That easy.
With Afterstep, you have to create a distinct text file for each entry.
What a waste of time.

As far as MWM, well, I couldn’t get it to give me window decorations so I could move my windows, nor a menu.
I basically had a desktop with two xterms open, and every time I started an app, it was stuck in the top left corner, on top
of one of the xterms. Additional apps would start in the same place, and the only way to switch to one that is not on top was to close the one on top. You couldn’t even resize some windows, so, if they overlapped the xterm in the middle, well…you couldn’t do anything until you closed that app.
Now, MWM apparently works a lot like FVWM, because, that’s what I got out of FVWM, at first.
I managed to make FVWM work, though.
I couldn’t get MWM to work with me.

I also wasted some time playing with IceWM.
I don’t know why…I’ve tried it before, and never did like it.
Although, it’s easier/more efficient for me to work in IceWM than afterstep, at least.

So, Fluxbox is still my favorite.
I also like JWM (Joe’s Window Manager).
FVWM wasn’t so bad…maybe I should play with that again.
I really have no use for bloated nonsense like KDE or Gnome anymore.
I’ve tried Xfce, but, to me, it’s gnome…maybe a little quicker.
Enlightenment is kind of pretty, but, it was difficult for me to get the hand of navigation and stuff, to where it really hindered my work flow.
Besides, I’m not after eye-candy.
I’m looking for functionality. Something easy to configure, efficient, useful.
Fluxbox is the winner.


Written by tonybaldwin

September 6, 2008 at 11:34 am

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