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I got tired of all the black-n-blueness and opted for a cheeful, springy green theme.
I needed a little cheering up.
(that is one of my photos in the wallpaper)
I’m not sure how long that will last, though…
A dark screen is easier on my eyes when I put in 15 or 18 hour days translating and/or hacking…
Notice, of course, that I’m still deeply entrenched in a terminal,
as, I am making this post with lynx.

Note how well Tickle Text fits in well with this theme…Of course, it fits with any theme, since it’s completely themable.
You know…I wrote in a module with some preset themes, like about 10, and never released that.
I’ve been meaning to work more on it, anyway.
I’ve been meaning in the means to save some user configurations (like saving a color theme, prefered browser prefered terminal, etc).
Since I already made such features available to TclScreen and TclUP, it know how to do it.
I just haven’t put the time in…
On that note, I do think I will build TclUP right in for uploading scripts and pages, etc…Why not.
Heck, if I could figure out where to learn the protocol for uploading LJ posts, I’d build that in, too.
Of course, I believe they have to formated in xml or something, which complicates the matter a bit…Or, at least makes it time consuming.
I could just keep adding stuff…By the time I reach 60 or so, I could have a text editor nearly as bloated as Emacs…
Well, that might be a stretch…


Written by tonybaldwin

September 6, 2008 at 9:16 pm

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