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I have finally found what I think is the best solution for my e-mail issues.
I synched Thunderbird on my home/office box with gmail via IMAP.
Not only that, but, I have synched my Lightning calender with my Google Calendar!
(Provider plug in)
I removed Seamonkey from my laptop and installed Firefox, setting Gmail as
the default e-mail client.
I learned that Pigdin can access IRC, so, I don’t really need an additional IRC client to replace
the Seamonkey IRC function.
I did, anyway. I installed IRSSI.
(Gosh, I like IRSSI so much, I might just remove Konversation from my main box, and stick with IRSSI…)
As far as the Seamonkey Composer, well, I already had my own solution for that.
I can edit html in tickletext, which already has the function of opening a page I’m editing in my browser for a preview, and, I have tclup to upload/download pages to/from my servers.
(I never really used the wysiwyg aspects, so much, as I did use the wysiwyg tab to preview results of
my html hacking. I keep thinking of incorporating all of tclup right into tickletext.
Then, it is not just a nifty text/script/hax editor, LaTeX editor, PDF creator, and HTML editor, but, even more of a
useful webmastering tool. Really, at this point, I just need to add a menu item somewhere in tickletext
to call tclup, and include it in the tcltext.tar.gz. Heck…likely I will soon remove kompozer (which is handy)
from my main box and do all my html editing in tickle text.

Problems solved.
All mail is downloaded and archived on my home/office box, as well as on the gmail servers.
My calendars are all in synch.
I have access to all of it from anywhere.


Written by tonybaldwin

August 31, 2008 at 2:03 pm

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