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Ha…I have here a text, initially written in bash script, and then translated to tcl/tk, and,
are you ready for this…
(I started learning another programming language),
then, translated to Perl/Tk!

Bash script:


fool=$(zenity –entry –title=”Say, foo!” –text “Say, foo, wha’s yo name?”)
zenity –info –title=”Talkin’ trash!” –text “Well, $fool, yo mama’s gotta a bgi ol’ butt!”



#!/usr/bin/env wish8.5

# say, foo

wm title . “Say, foo!”

global fool

grid [ttk::label .lbl -text “Wha’s yo name, foo?”]
grid [ttk::entry .ent -textvariable fool]
grid [ttk::button .btn -text “Tell me yo dang name” -command {talktrash}]

proc talktrash {} {

tk_messageBox -type ok -message “Well, $::fool, yo mama’s gotta big ol’ butt!”

destroy .


use Tk;
use strict;
use warnings;

# playing with perl…
# main window

my $mw = new MainWindow;

my $label = $mw-> Label(-text=> “Say, foo, whas yo name?”) -> pack();
my $ent = $mw-> Entry()-> pack();
my $but = $mw-> Button (-text=> “Tell me yo name, foo”, -command => \&talktrash)-> pack();


sub talktrash {
my $fool = $ent -> get();
my $response = $mw -> messageBox(-message=> “Well, $fool, yo mama’s got a big fat butt!”, -type=> ‘ok’, -icon=> ‘warning’);

In other news, Rhianna Banana and I went to see STAR WARS: The Clone Wars, yesterday.
That was cool!

Okay, now I have to translate these contracts from Chile to English…



Written by tonybaldwin

August 30, 2008 at 11:42 am

Posted in humor, language, translation

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