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I have to say that I get sort of set in my ways, at times.
I mean, I will develop a routine, a work flow for the things I do, and changing it always makes me anxious. Like, just about 2 years ago, when I finally pried my bony, arthritic fingers off of the old Mozilla Suite, and finally, like the rest of the world, moved over to Firefox and Thunderbird. And, well, I did it very reluctanly, because ol’ Moz had done me right for so long.
(Using Seamonkey on the laptop is like revisiting the ol’ Moz days…and, in any case, I figured it was lighter to use Seamonkey as the default mail/browser/irc-client/html-composer in Linguas OS, rather than installing FF, T-bird, xchat or konversation, kompozer or bluefish or amaya, etc…and left it as is on the laptop, rather than installing other stuff, like I have on the main box).
But, in the end it worked out pretty well, I confess, and learned to really dig a lot of stuff I can do in Thunderbird.
That Lightning calendar extension more or less revolutionized my existence.
I could never the the Mozilla calendar thingy to work, and, although I had programmed a few birthday reminders into a Yahoo! calendar, I had, more or less, never really used a calendar. Now, I don’t know how I ever got along without it.
I mean, I’ve got serious organizational issues. The Lightening calender is like my Mom. Honest. Keeps me all straightened out on a lot of stuff. I couldn’t run my business, now, without it.
So, this recent move to gmail was another of those changes to which I was quite resistant, at first, but, now, hey…I like it!
I mean, since I am branching out and being more mobile, keep all of my mail on Thunderbird alone was not the best solution.
And using half a dozen webmail interfaces to check all of my mail would be tiresome, and try my patience.
But, gmail really came in handy, here, since I was able to make it collect mail from several domains, and send from the same addresses, AND, work as a POP mail service with Thunderbird…so, I still have my calendar.
Now, if only I could some how really get gmail to sync with Lightning, the way the mail does.
I mean, when I send a reply to a message with Thunderbird, the reply shows up on the gmail server, too…I think that’s so cool.
So, if, when I add an event to Lightning, it would be awesome if it were automagically added to my google calender, and/or, vice-versa. I find myself updating two calendars, now.
I mean, I was able to import my calendar from Lightning to google calendar and get everything that was in it, up to the date that I exported/imported, but, I mean, when I add new stuff.
I suppose I could periodically export here and import there, again, and it would update the google calendar, but, I mean, on a daily basis I am dealing with adding events, tasks, and reminders to lightning (deadlines for projects, invoices, dates for events at Rhianna’s school, etc., etc…family stuff, work stuff, doctor’s appointments…). I’d like to know that, if I am out and away for a day or two with my laptop, I will still be reminded of these events, and/or, see them on a calendar when making plans.
I know…I could remove Lightning from thunderbird altogether, and just use the google calendar, but, then I just get e-mail reminders. I don’t get a message popping up on my computer, hard to ignore, the moment I log in in the morning, telling me,”Hey, Tony, today’s gym day. Make sure Rhianna has her gym clothes for school!”. or “Hey, Tony, it’s the 10th of the month…Run your backups!”…stuff like that.
I can miss an e-mail, considering that hundreds of e-mails pass my desk everyday, but, those lightning reminders are impossible to ignore.
Now, I tried to make gmail give me a pop-up reminder, but, it seems to me that it will only come up if I am logged in at the time the reminder is set to pop-up…and if I am not, but log in an hour later, well…I will never see the pop up.
That doesn’t work out as well for me.
I know…I need to figure out how to make gmail “star” and highlight calendar reminder e-mails.
That might help…and set Thunderbird to automagically tag them as “IMPORTANT” in bright red…
That might work.

You know, the thing is, I get in a routine, and think it’s working for me, and resist making changes, thinking it’s going to be difficult, when, in the long run, the changes often make my life easier, as did switching from ol’ Moz to FF and Tbird.
So, we’ll see…perhaps things will get even easier again.
And often, if nothing else, change makes me learn stuff.
It’s really quite humorous how resistant I get to change, at times, when I will also sit here and complain of boredom after following the same routine for so long…
So, change is good.

Oh, and the Mrs. now wants to get another dog, and we’re going to look at a German Shepherd tomorrow.
(I like Australian Shepherds, personally.) So, my sad little old man, Pipoca (who is all of 2 years old, really,
and quite happy) is going to have a new friend…and have to learn to share.
He may resist, at first, but, who knows, maybe the change will make his life happier in the long run.


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August 26, 2008 at 7:50 pm

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