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Linguas OS 2.0 – Coming Soon to a computer in YOUR neighborhood!

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I have been working on making new LinguasOS isos.
Synaptic/apt is giving me woes, though.
I’m trying to update all the packages before remastering the system, and, as is often the case with PCLinuxOS, for reasons unknown to me, it is having trouble fetching packages from some repos.
I hate that.
Usually if I keep trying, eventually I get everything.
As soon as I have everything, I will remaster.
But, Most of it is already updated, including some package line-up changes:
Added Esperantilo
Removed xfmedia
Added gxine and xmms
Added TclUP and TclScreen
(not that either has much to do with translation, but an FTP tools is quite frequently useful.)
Updated the other applications I wrote, such as TickleDict,
and TransProCalc.
Added slock.
Removed ActiveState’s Tcl8.5, and installed regular old tlc8.5,
since, to be for sure, I should not be redistributing ActiveState’s package.
Added new wallpapers and fluxbox themes…very important…
Basically, it will have nearly everything I’ve recently done to my laptop, although, I am building
it on my experimental box, as before. (Laptop has client, and a few other things I am
not adding to the iso, but, otherwise…)
One thing I am still pondering is whether to remove the OmegaT
from PCLinuxOS repos, which is 1.7.2, and install OmegaT 1.8.0.
1.8.0 is a huge improvement, and that’s all I’m using, but, I consider
that it is useful to have the apt-able program there.
I don’t know.
I have considered attempting to build an apt repo at
just for packages I write, and a few other things not available in the PCLinuxOS repos (such as bitext2tmx and esperantilo), and things they don’t keep up with (OmegaT)…That may prove difficult, however, since
I can’t get a shell on the server…
But if I can figure out a way around that, I could add said repo
to the apt repos list in Linguas OS and simplify keeping my packages
up to date, and some of these other matters.
I am considering moving my hosting, too.
I paid for a whole year on the server where is now, but,
I think once that’s up, I will seek hosting where I can get a shell.
I’ve found hosts that offer even more bandwidth and space for comparable, if not better, prices.

In other news, TclScreen is now up at both freshmeat and sourceforge.
It was just approved at SF this morning, however, so, I have done nothing to set it up there, yet.


Written by tonybaldwin

August 26, 2008 at 10:36 am

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