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more thoughts on gmail…and transprocalc happenings

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One thing I think is really, really cool, is how, when I send a reply to someone with Thunderbird for one of the accounts that I am also manageing in gmail, my reply shows up in gmail, too.

One thing I find gmail lacking, however, is that I can’t filter the inbox to only view unread mail…
(unlesss I archive everything I’ve read..I wonder if there’s a way to automagically archive anything I’ve read, but haven’t deleted, or something…I’ll look into that…)

On another note, Artur Trzewik, the creator of Esperantilo,
a tcl/tk based CAT (computer aided translation) program, has made some contributions to the TransProCalc code…
I’d like to add him to the project on sourceforge so he would have cvs access and be able to make releases.
I’m waiting to hear from him to find if he is on sf…I was not able to find him there.
His tcl-ing skills make mine look so 3rd grade.
It is awesome to have someone of his intelligence and skill contributing to a project that I started!

He has motivated me to try and pencil in some time to get back to work on the project, myself.
I will be making a new release soon, as such, although, depending on how successful I am in finding
the time to hack in the stuff I’ve had on the backburner for months, I may be releasing only
his contributions, first, and be releasing again within a few weeks…or months…to add in the features that I
want to include.
I dunno.
I’ve got translation stuff to work on, at the moment…


Written by tonybaldwin

August 25, 2008 at 9:27 am

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