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I thought I would share this (Working the Net while Traveling) with you.
It is a community of nomadic folks whose work is done through the internet.
The post about their travels, etc. while working/roaming the world. Pretty cool.
Now, about 95% of my work comes through the internet, and, now that I have a laptop, I could, conceivably, be mobile, which is now a goal of mine. So, of course, I joined.
I would love to travel about So. America with my laptop, work, hit the beaches, soak up the local color, etc.
Go to Europe and sip coffee in Paris while translating documents.
Hack Tcl in a pub in Ireland.
I think that would be so cool.
Most of the folks on here are some form of developer (web developers, java developers, etc.), but there are a few other “work at home” types (including a woman who sells ads for “work at home” businesses to “work at home” businesses, or some such nonsense. Most “work at home” business ad/offers are scams, really, but, obviously, I’m doing it.
There are ways to work from your home and make dough, but, I don’t think you’ll find any legitmate means on any “work at home” site, mail list, forum, etc. Such businesses really require relevant skills and education, such as freelance writing or photography, freelance translation, freelance software/web developing, etc.
But, I digress…
So, anyway, I know I have other translators and hax0rs on my friends list, and thought you might find the Working the Net while Traveling community interesting.


On another note, I’m chain smoking so bad these days…I just started to light a cigarette, and still had one burning in the ashtray…
Not good…I’m smoking 2+ pack/day.
I should quit smoking. Heck, it’s expensive, unhealthy, stinky…I know the drill.


Written by tonybaldwin

August 23, 2008 at 9:23 am

Posted in info technology

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