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We’ve been having some issues with serious crime in our neighborhood (see this post).

I e-mailed Moti Sandman, our Alderman, last night, and he has already written me back with a thorough
plan for attacking the problem, indicating that he has already contacted other city officials, etc.

Kudos to Alderman Sandman!

On another note, I took down all of his contact information and added them to my address book in Thunderbird,
and, I was thinking…It sure would be convenient if I could e-mail an address book card.
I can print one, but don’t seem to be able to export and mail one.
Likely there’s a way to grab the ps file on the way to the printer, or something, and export a card to pdf or
something. I’d rather just have plain text, though.
This would make it easy to share contact information.
I mean, there should really just be an “e-mail this address card” button in there with “print card”, etc.
Doh! update: I did figure out, when I print, I can choose “print to file”, which does, indeed, give me a ps (postscript) file,
which is easily converted to pdf, of course. I would rather like to be able to simply click “e-mail card” and send the information as
plain text, though, than print to file, convert to pdf, and send as an attachment…
One really cool feature in T-bird which I had not noticed before, however, is that there is a “get map” button on the address card, which, when pressed, opens a FF windows to a Google Map of the address on the card.


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August 22, 2008 at 11:48 am

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