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TclUP & TclScreen

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I used what I learned today writing TclScreen to write my own little, quick ‘n dirty ftp client uploader & downloader,
Basically, all it does is upload a file to your server, then tell you where it is, and, then let you
open a browser to preview it, on the remote server, or download a file, and tell you where it is on the local machine.
Quite simple.
Here’s a screenshot (taken with TclScreen):

Get the code: TclUP tarball.

I also did some editing to TclScreen (you know I never leave anything alone until I get really bored with it).
I gave the user the option of setting a delay before snapping the shot, so they can, for instance,
minimize the TclScreen window and get it out of the way, etc.
Here’s another shot taken with the new TclScreen:

Get the code: TclScreen tarball.


Written by tonybaldwin

August 22, 2008 at 12:28 am

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