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Just quick.
I added the feature of saving a profile on both TickleScreenUp (takes a screenshot, uploads it to a remote web server and shows your the url for quick posting to LJ, or elsewhere, and allows you to preview the image, both before upload on your machine, and after on the remote host)
and TickleUP (quick-n-dirty ftp up/down loader tool).

It will save your server information (host, path, username, password), so you don’t have to type that in every time.
You can have as many profiles as you want, of course, for different servers, etc., and just choose one to open when
using them. It also offers the choice to NOT save your password with the profile, of course, if you’d rather not have that stored with the profile.

I uploaded two new tarballs (and this time included a readme and the GPL):




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August 22, 2008 at 11:17 am

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