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It’s been a really slow month, so far.
On one hand, I’ve been desperately needing a break, but, on the other, I always get nervous when I don’t have much work…
Of course, I sold $10k in services in July, so, I can afford a little break, and, in all truth, the last $4k of that was a project that I completed in the first week of this month, so, if I count that project for this month, I only sold $6k in July, but can count $7k for August already. I have to make c. $4.5k to be certain of making all the bills, so, I’m not in bad shape, I suppose, and still have c. 2 weeks in August to sell more, but, when I look at what I actually sold this month, it is just less than $3k, but, enough of it was outsourced that MY cut is only about $1800…so, I need to sell more stuff…

Anyway, I’m going to walk downtown with my kooky kid and go to the library now, or something….


Written by tonybaldwin

August 18, 2008 at 1:20 pm

Posted in personal, translation

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