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Hoje foi um bom dia.
Today has been a good day.
The Mrs., who had given up going to church a long time ago, but is still “religious”, or, at least, carries on her version of her faith, reads the Bible from time to time, etc. went to a church last week with a friend of hers, una Ecuatoriana, and decided she liked it and wished to continue attending.
So, I’ve been missing my Unitarian-Universalist congregation (no car), and thinking about visiting another religious community, and expressed to the Mrs. that I would like to go (which also means, the whole family, including my daughter).
So, we all went.
Now, most of you know I am quite agnostic…I struggle with a desire for a spiritual life, on hand, and a heavy skeptical streak on the other. I mean, I think anything is possible, but, I have faith in little…if that makes sense. But, I strive to keep an open mind, and believe that involvement in a church or religious community is a good way to be a part of one’s community, so long as said religious community actually teaches love and compassion and peace, etc., and not hatred and judgment, which is why I consider myself a UU, and also enjoy a Quaker meeting from time to time.
I have been thinking about trying out the UCC church on the town green, maybe…Liberal enough I should be able to tolerate it, I imagine.
In any case, we all went to the Iglesia de Dios Ministerial de JsuCirsto Internacional in Bridgeport. Of course, the service was completely in Spanish, which was not exactly useful to my daughter, but she managed herself well, and, I confess, I enjoyed myself. I like singing the songs and stuff…that was cool.
It’s not likely that the whole family will contiue to attend regularly, since it does almost no good for my daughter whose Spanish is quite rudimentary at this stage (if they had a Sunday School class, things might be different), but, after today’s service, I think we’ll all go from time to time, and else, Rhianna and I will try out the UCC, or find the means to get to the New Haven UU congregation, or, maybe even take a bus to the New Haven Friends Meeting, which is Rhianna´s favorite.
Anyway, I did enjoy the service today…the whole sermon was about marriage and how a wife and husband should love and honor each other (and, you know these churches, went so far as to say the the wife should submit to the husband…I laughed…I’ve never even dreamed of ordering my wife to do anything, and know I wouldn’t live through the night if I did…), and how Jesus is the groom and the church the Bride, and Jesus keeps loving the Church, including everybody, etc., even when the people often turn their back on Jesus, etc…
So, I learned how very Christ-like I am…I keep loving my wife, even when she treats me like dirt!
What a great sermon!
Well, anyway, I enjoyed the whole church thing, but even better, I was just happy that my whole family was out together doing something, for the first time in a long while. My wife and my daughter do not have a good relationship, so it is quite rare that we all do something together.
And afterwards, we went to Churrasaria Pantanal (my favorite Brazilian restaurant) for lunch, which I always enjoy immensely.
Then we came home, and Rhianna and I went out and hiked up West Rock Ridge here in New Haven, and brought the camera (I’ll post photos later..probably tomorrow, got some GREAT photos!), enjoyed the view and had a great time.
After we climbed down we went to Westville Pizza and had a cold drink, and then hobbled home, and, now, I’m sitting on the front porch with the laptop (What a great wifi hangout! Cold diet ginger ale, I can smoke, awesome tunes, the connection is MINE, fresh air, decent view of my neighborhood, etc…I like it!).
Rhianna and just looked through the photos, and now, I’m posting to LJ and she is playing her NintendoDS, and everything is groOvy…
And I’ve done NO work today…Been a while.
This is the day I’ve been needing…some mending of family relationships, some fresh air and exercise, some great Brazilian food, some fun with my crazy kid…
I’m happy!

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August 17, 2008 at 8:06 pm

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