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MarketPlace / Javas Brewing, Temple St.

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Found another cool place where free Wifi is available.
Marketplace / Javas Brewing.
It’s really a restaurant and coffee house.
Great food! I had curry lamb there yesterday, and for only $10.95!
The price is right!
Good coffee, great food, excellent service, clean, sharp, strong wifi connection with no annoying ToS, etc.,
big windows, view of cinema, and, half price movie tickets with the purchase of any meal!
I give this place a big thumbs up.
The only drawback is the lack of power outlets.

In other news, I did, finally, drop into Starbucks, and am reminded why I’m not a huge fan.
You have to have a “Starbucks card” to get a connection, in the first place, sign up, check off
on their ToS, and, even still, you are limited to 2 hours/day.
Coffee is expensive, and the atmosphere is corporate it makes me want to puke.

I forked over for the card, anyway, thinking it might come in useful if I’m traveling and can’t find a more convenient means of gettting online.

On another note…It’s amazing how a gmail acct. I just opened a week ago, and have not divulged online or to anybody, is already filling up with 200+ spam messages/day.
In fact, I just deleted them all, but left the gmail page open in my browser, and, as I have typed this message, 3 more spam messages came in…Weird.
I watched them arrive.
I am using the gmail account to gather mail from other accounts, and, hey, I can even write messages, using the other e-mail identities in the send field. What’s cooler than that?
I didn’t like gmail at first, but, I’m starting to see some distinct advantages therein.

All right…I’m going for a walk now.


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August 15, 2008 at 12:57 pm

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