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Today, since Rhianna is, again, out with her mother, and Amélia will be
out working all day, I have once again decided to move out of the office
for a while.
At this moment, I am at Au Bon Pan, at the corner of Elm and York, with
a view of the lovely Yale architecture, stone dormitories, on Elm and
York, and a lovely young asian lady in the corner, and getting ready to
resume working tanslation of a French patent.

The connection appear good here, but, when you first open a browser,
they re-direct you to a page of their making, wherein you must agree to
a ToS before proceeding to anywhere else on the internet. You have to
leave a small window open while connected, and, apparently, they limit
you to 6 consecutive hours.
No big deal.

Considering that I’ve been discussing the pros/cons of various locations,
I have to say that the vie here from Au Bon Pan is slightly better than
The Publick Cup, since I’m on the corner and there are more windows.
Then again, when I was at the Publick Cup, I sat back in the corner on
the couch, so, I couldn’t take much advantage of the view. In
comparison, the dining area at Gourmet Heaven has few windows, and one
can only see the adjacent buildings from them, and little bit of sky.
Also, I believe there are more menu options of which I, on my
lo-carb/diabetic diet, can take advantage.
The coffee is decent, and the price is ok, but refills are $1.26,
whereas at the Publick Cup, they are only $1.
Of the three places I have checked out:
Gourmet Heaven has the best food, if/when it is hot/fresh, and a great
selection of sugar-free sodas, but no view, and only one power outlet,
but the cutest little Mexican girl at the register most days. Muy
linda, claro.
I don’t know if it was their own connection I was picking up, as I found
several networks while there, and simply chose the strongest that wasn’t
locked down (saw Yale networks, but those are WEP-ed up tight).
The Publick Cup has great coffee, and, probably, the best atmosphere,
comfortable, plenty of outlets, friendly staff, but nothing to look
at…a bunch of scruffy hippy types, my kind of people…Overall a good
experience. The kitchen is closed on the weekend. I’m told during the
week they have sandwich wraps on lo-carb, whole wheat wraps.
Another advantage of GH and the Publick Cup is that they only have exits
at one end, GH has an exit facing Elm Street, and the PC has to exits,
both facing York Street, so, if I go outside to smoke, I can stand near
the exit and make sure nobody is walking out with my kit.
At ABP, there is on exit on the York/Elm corner, and another quite a
ways down York, making watching both exits difficult.
At the same time, with the big windows, I can watch my kit while I’m out
there smoking.
Au Bon Pan has broad menu selections, but not as varied as the GH, is
well lit, has great huge windows and a nice view, but a very corporate
atmosphere. There is a lovely girl, African American with a gorgeous
skin tone, at the register, who was all smiles, very pleasant.
Suddendly, the ABP network is playing fickle with me, though, and I had
to reconnect. Their connection is very, very slow…
I think I’m going to leave here.
I can’t ping anything outside of this place, and it takes 5 minutes to
find the comcast stmp server and send an e-mail.
I didn’t have that issue at GH or the PC.

I still haven’t gone near Starbucks…
I don’t suppose I will, although, the view of the New Haven Green is
enticing, so, I may rethink that.


I moved over to the Publick Cup shortly after posting the above, and have now been here for about 6 hours.

I succeeded in translating a French patent application, a response thereto from the European Patent Office, informing the applicant how inadequate their applications, the applicants response thereto, the EPO further response….
Altogether, a 5000 word project, completed, while sitting on the couch at the Publick Cup.
That’s some darned good Sumatran coffee, there…put me in overdrive.

I’m off to enjoy the gorgeous weather now…


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August 12, 2008 at 3:43 pm

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