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Success at the Publick Cup

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I am now at the Publick Cup on York St. (next to Toad’s Place, on the edge of the Yale campus again), and have successfully ssh-ed into my home box, and from there, into the Mrs. box.
Things move a little slow, but, it works.
Also, I’ve only ssh-ed in with Xsession forwarding, but not VNC (virtual desktop).
So, I can start apps there, but they show here, not there, but work there.
IE. I can start xmms on the Mrs. box and make it play a song, but, see the xmms gui here (meaning, I have full control of it).
This means that I can’t for instance, open a text editor on her desktop and write cryptic messages that she would see there…I would only see them here…
but, I could send them to her printer.
I can open her system monitor and shut down active apps.
I could change her desktop wallpaper and/or kde theme from here, while she’s working, surfing, playing…whatever (basically, since she’s using Kubuntu, I can do anything I want in kcontrol, anything from the command line…but, have no means of opening graphical apps that she will see, so the only graphical changes I can make are to KDE itself.).

I could open a document in OpenOffice or open a text editor and send something to her printer.
That might be creEpy for her, no?
Playing her Yahoo! billiards, and suddenly a message comes out of her printer, and a song starts playing…hmmmm…

Man, am I gonna mess with her when she get’s home…
I know it’s going to get me into big, big trouble for a few days, but, man…it’s going to be so much fun!

The Tanzanian Gombe is pretty good here…

I still prefer my Brazilian coffee, though.

I think I’m learning something…or, well, of course, I have learned a bunch of stuff with all of this ssh and sshfs stuff…
But, I’ve kind of figured out…it must be this way, ssh-ing from one box to another, and through proxies, that the Black Hats
mess with other people’s shite and are hard to track down…
Not that I’m going to do any of that.
Messing with the Mrs. is one thing. I’m not interested in cyber crime…
Unless I can figure out how to transfer Bill Gate’s bank balance to one of my accounts…


Written by tonybaldwin

August 9, 2008 at 1:42 pm

Posted in info technology

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