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So…I figured out I can go into the bedroom, while the Mrs. is in the office, and make
my office box play tunes, remotely…

Of course, I can do this while away from home, too…
Like, I could go over to the SCSU campus, hack into the home box and make
it play songs for the Mrs….

I’m thinking about recording a ghastly message to play remotely…

“Amelia….Améeeelia!! This is your husband…I’m haunting the house through the internet….muahahahaha!!!!”

That would be fun.

Of course, I could do things a little nicer…like make it play the song I sang to her on our wedding day, or something romantic like that.

Now, I just have to hack the Mrs. box and give myself ssh access to it with VNC tunneling, too.
Then, while she’s playing Yahoo! dominos, I could bust in, shut her down, and open a message on the screen
for her to come to bed…perhaps suggesting activities more fun than dominos…
or something.
Oh the ways I could mess with the Mrs….
Of course, I’d have to get a hotel room for a week until she calmed down.
She’s got big, sharp butcher knives, and I’m a sound sleeper…

Actually, I do have root access to her box, I just don’t know how to set up the port forwarding on the router to where I can get her box, since I forwarded it to my box…
Then again, I could ssh to my box, then ssh from within the home network to her box…couldn’t I…
I just have to set up sshd on her box….yeah…I could do that.

That would be fun.


Written by tonybaldwin

August 9, 2008 at 10:16 am

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