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SUCCESS (further developments in the remote access fiasco)

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Okay, I was logging in to Xsession forwarding, initially, which enabled me to control stuff on the home box,
but not move stuff back and forth (unless I used scp, which I was unable to do, not knowing the IP of the router
that the laptop was behind).

So, now I know how to control the home box, and even run apps on it, while seeing them on the laptop, remotely.

I also have, since, learned how to use sshfs-fuse to mount my home box storage partition to the laptop,
so I can manipulate the files from the laptop, and/or, move them back and forth.

Basically, I’ve given myself any kind of access to my home machine from elsewhere that I could want.
(Oh…I know…some folks would want an actual virtual remote desktop, like VNC, but, I don’t need that…)

On another note, a fellow linux geek shared a python script with me that changes my desktop background
in flux on a rotating basis (every 15 minutes, at this juncture).
That’s pretty cool.
More details here:


Written by tonybaldwin

August 8, 2008 at 3:48 pm

Posted in info technology

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