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Okay, here’s the progress.
I started sshd on the main box (wasn’t started…doh).
I had to install keychain, not sure if it was needed on both the main box and the
laptop, but installed on both and ran it, anyway…

The laptop is connected externally from the home network.
I succeeded in ssh-ing into the main box!!!

Now, here’s the weird part.
I tried to play some tunes from the main box with gxine on the laptop.
Gxine opened up on the laptop…and music started playing on the speakers in my office
on the other end of the house…but not on the laptop.

So…looks like I can haunt the house from elsewhere and play tunes for the Mrs. when I’m not
at home.

I successfully opened and edited an OmegaT project on the main box, remotely, from the

Now, I would like to be able to move files from one to the other, but, I’m a bit confused there.
When I open files from the main box with apps onthe laptop, I can only save them again on the main box.
I don’t seem to be able to figure out how to save them to the laptop, or cp or mv files.
I tried cp /home/me/file :/home/me
but that doesn’t work.
When I’m in the ssh session, I can see files on the main box, but not on the laptop.
It’s like I am remotely manipulating stuff on the main box, using apps on the laptop,
but no longer have access to my filesystem on the laptop, or something.
For an experiment, since it seemed I was all on the main box (while using the laptop)
I tried to start xmms (which is on the main box, but not on the laptop).
That didn’t work.
I’m confused.
It seems like the apps are running from the laptop, but file access is only on the main box, during the
ssh session.
So, when I play tunes stored on the main box with gxine on the laptop, the sounds comes out of the speakers
on the main box. But, I can’t start apps on the main box, only manipulate files there (tunes or OmegaT projects,
text files, etc. I succeeded in manipulating with omegat, gxine and medit on the laptop).
I suppose I should try to open gftp and see if I can access the laptop and ftp a file over from the main box…
while on the laptop.
maybe…I dunno…

In any case, I have succeeded in ssh-ing into my main box remotely from the laptop.
Now, I want to figure out how to play the tunes, and have the music play on the speakers on the laptop,
because that would make more sense.

Folks here and on the linux4translators Y!group have been quite helpful.



Written by tonybaldwin

August 8, 2008 at 12:52 pm

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