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I usually use Logjam to post from my main box, but, not wanting to overburden my little new/old laptop, I though I would try e-mail posting…
Of course, with logjam, I can download and edit posts, too.
In any case, I think this will streamline dropping in quick posts while I’m on the run, without the necessity for installing a separate client and using more hdd space.
As it is, this laptop has only 6gb, and about 4 of them are full already, just with software and a big dir full of translation memories…
I don’t intend to save much stuff on here, but, rather, use it for work on the run, and move files back and forth with my usb key or ftp or other methods, and only keep on the machine the very bare essentials.
Well…I suppose gxine is not essential for work purposes, but, gosh, listening to GDRadio can, ultimately, make me more productive…
Okay, let’s see how this goes…

Written by tonybaldwin

August 6, 2008 at 7:03 pm

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