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Linguas OS on old laptop

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I purchased an aged IBM a21m Thinkpad from ebay, and loaded it up with LinguasOS.
The machine is an IBM a21m 2682 FTU, with a PIII 750mhz cpu and 512 mb ram.
It works great!
It came with a bare XP installation on it, which, of course, was promptly removed (along with any relevant windows license stickers, or other vestiges of this abomination).
I used a gparted live cd to completely reformat the hdd, popped in the Linguas OS disc, and let her fly….It ran great from the disc, so, I installed to the hdd, forthwith.
I have kept the rather stripped down default install of LinguasOS, with only a few changes.
My latest linguas os iso didn’t have the latest Tickle Text and Tickle Dict, so updated those.
Also, the linguas os iso only includes xfmedia as a media player, which I removed because it sucks, and replaced with snackAmp, even though I don’t expect to load a lot of music on this thing. After all, it has only a 6gb hdd, and, at the moment, c. 3gb is already full, just with the installed OS. The laptop is primarily for work purposes, so, I need to save space for relevant documents, etc.
It has a DVD drive, so, I consider removing snackAmp and loading on mplayer and Tickle Tunes, so I can play any tunes and videos/DVDs on it, possibly…I don’t know.

obligatory screenshot: click to enlarge

Screenshot shows gps with cpu monitoring, just to show how light Linguas OS is, and how few resources it consumes.

This does have me thinking…
I believe that I will include either snackamp or mplayer in the next Linguas OS release.
I’m not sure what mplayer would to to the iso size, though, so, I’m not sure about mplayer.
Sometimes I think just leaving off a media player from the default install is fine, since, LinguasOS is a working man’s os, for translation work.
Folks who want a media player have a broad selection to choose from in the PCLinuxOS repos, accessible via synaptic or apt-get.
I will, of course, update all versions of stuff, especially stuff I wrote, like Tickle Text, TransProCalc, Tickle Dict, etc.
I’m also thinking of including remind with TkRemind, since it doesn’t currently have a useful calendar application.
I did not load this on the laptop. I figure I will just synch up my google calendar or something with my Lightning calendar on the main box.
I’ll probably mostly use online mail, too, even though I do have the full Seamonkey suite on the default Linguas OS install (browser, mail, composer, irc chat…quite useful).

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August 3, 2008 at 10:53 am

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