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The truth behind my vampire prejudices…

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I’ll admit it…
I’m jealous!
I want all the nifty powers to which Lestat, et al. are privy.
And biting people who truly suck would be useful.
(See…there, I know I would be quite tempted to abuse some of those powers for my own ends.
I confess. And, thus arises my distrust.)
Of course, I am aware of the drawbacks.
My daughter is not a creature of the night, and I think that is best for her at this stage in her development, so,
were I to join the ranks of the living dead bloodsucking night dwellers, it could put a serious strain on our relationship.
Of course, I’m practically already nocturnal, considering the long, late hours I put in here working.
I would kind of miss the beach, during the day in summer, too.

Written by tonybaldwin

July 24, 2008 at 12:29 pm

Posted in humor, politics

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