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Across the street from my office are two large yellow houses, both divided into apartments.
Both of them have well-tended yard/gardens, and, in both cases, the gardner is a young (mid 20s to mid 30s would be my guess) black woman, and both of them are gorgeous.
I enjoy watching them tend their gardens…strong, healthy women, all delicious curves and cleavege and glistening sweat in the summer heat, taut gluteus
muscles rippling beneath skin tight shorts, breasts freely swaying, braless in flimsy tanktops…bending and stretching to pull the weeds, or shaking as they pull a rake across the garden,
shimmying as they untangle the hose….Truly a visual delight.

If it weren’t for the fact that these scrumptious visions of dark femininity are in the open, in their yards, and visible from the public roadway,
I would almost feel ashamed…like a peeping tom.

I’ve met one of them, when she returned our wayward Jack Russel, Pipoca, one afternoon.
I told her that I enjoyed her garden, and enjoyed watching her tend it.
She just smiled, commented on my flowers, meandered away…
Thick, sexy accent from Trinidad, and skin the color of coffee, teeth so white they sparkled, full, sensuous lips, eyes with a mischeivous, enticing gleam…
And all those rippling gluteus muscles under those skin tight shorts….

Who needs cable?
Understand, I don’t mean to be a pig…as much as their aesthetic qualities, I admire these women’s strength, discipline, organization…
The pride with which they keep up their yards, their labors, and planning, and effort that are required to tend such lovely gardens.
These are women who are not afraid to get their hands dirty.
With delicious asses.
I admire that.
I don’t think I mentioned, two weekends ago my daughter and I were out walking about for some air, when I was suddenly overcome by the lilting, ass-shaking beats of reggae music loudly wafting from a yard on Winthrop street, to which I was drawn, like a moth to flame.
We found what appeared to be a block party, and crashed it. I introduced myself to a few folks and they immediately set about making us welcome and at home, brought me a beer, and some jerk chicken (YUM!).
Rhianna and I were the only white folks on the entire block, until the fuzz showed up.
I had a great time…
Great food, great music, cold beer…and
so. many. gorgeous. women.
Since then, there have been several shootings on the same street, only a block away…Such a shame.
The party was lovely, a family affair, children running about playing, matriarchal Madame’s sharing jokes in their lawn chairs on the porch, healthy,
taut bodies swaying to those reggae beats.
Beautiful people, celebrating life, celebrating community…
It truly was a great time, and I was sad when the police came and broke it up.
My young gardner friend across the road, incidentally, is now playing reggae music while pulling the weeds.
Her posterior assets lofted in my general direction, swinging and bouncing to the beat…
It’s almost too much…

I should note that: No. I haven’t forgotten that I am a married man, and, yes, my wife IS the most gorgeous creature on God’s green earth, but, hey, just because I’m on a diet doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy reading the menu.

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July 4, 2008 at 11:12 am

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