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I’ve translated something near 10,000 words today.
At times I have to stop typing and let the machine catch up.
I watch as the words I just typed appear on the screen…
I’m typing faster than my 3.2G Celeron with 1500mb or ram can keep up.
And this is on a very streamlined system (no windows, no kde or gnome, no unnecessary bloat).

Of course, I started around 8am, and it is now nearly 10pm.

It’s quiet in the neighborhood…the calm before the storm…
Honestly, I expected the party to start tonight, since nobody’s working tomorrow (besides me).
I know, tomorrow all hell will break loose.Tomorrow there will be colorful explosions and cars with music playing louder than is feasibly comprehensible,
children and adults running giddy in the street…
Best to get as much work done as I can while it’s still quiet.


Written by tonybaldwin

July 3, 2008 at 9:45 pm

Posted in info technology

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