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I don’t remember many of my dreams anymore….
I don’t know if it’s due to age, senility, or other mental impairments, but I don’t.
All the same, this one was such a doozy, I commanded myself to remember, last night, so I could share with you.
Still, even so, many of the details are now fuzzy, while other are as clear the scene that now lies outside my office window.
Now, I didn’t even go to bed until 2 am, as I was up working (surprise…I worked from 7am yesterday to 2am today…19 hours).
And, I awoke again at 7am.

In any case…on with the show.

I was in the midst of a society that was both industrialized and agrarian/largely rural, but with more advanced technologies
than we currently have “IRL”. Apparently, I was the, or some sort of, leader in this society, in some capacity or another.
That part’s not clear…
Now, this society was under attack by these machines, that looked like VW bugs with legs, kind of like the two legged roving attack machines in Star Wars,
like this, only red and shiny, and, although a little bulkier (like larger top, thicker legs), also a bit more aerodynamic, smooth, and streamlined…sort of.
These things were kicking our collective ass, and I was running around, with Rhianna in tow, trying to get her to safety.
(For some reason, in this film, I also knew I had a son, named, appropriately for a royal son, Henry, who looked a lot like Orlando Bloom, presumably from Rhianna’s dream step-mom, who in this movie, I do not believe was Amelia…in fact, she looked, more or less, like Liv Tyler…hey, it was a dream…who doesn’t want a piece of Arwen?).
Eventually, I was unable to get her anywhere, with me, because these machines seemed very intent on pursuing me, and, this was because I was the leader of this society, and supposedly had the key to destroying them, although, I hadn’t the foggiest clue what that would be.
So, while Rhianna and are I attempting to hide in the midst of some agro/industry machinery, in which we are largely sheltered from the machines’ fire/laser ray thingies, but, not so concealed that we couldn’t be found, I screamed to her to get home, and jetted off with my jet-pack thingy, to draw their fire away from my daughter.
Later, at some point, I saw Henry and ordered him to find his Mom and sister (Rhianna), and keep them safe.
Okay, so, I fly away from town, or the center of our little civilization, or whatever it is, and soar over some agro-fields, and stuff, seeing the occasional red/vw-bug-on-stilts guy and, in general having a bad time.
(fuzziness, lost details).
Okay, suddenly I find myself at a small complex, with a few of my people, (including an ex, apparently I have plenty of those around town…more like Sigourney Weaver, this one…weird), who are all confused about why I fled the center of town.
(No more confused than I was about how it was that I was the chosen one to beat these creature/machines, no doubt).
Some seemed to be angry, implying that I was some kind of coward/traitor, and expressing their general lack of faith in me, etc.
They attempt to detain me, at which point I become angered, and while trying to scream,” Let me the fr@c out of here” at the top of my lungs, all the glass in the building shatters….
The light bulb doesn’t quite come on yet, but, I get away from these folks, and am alone in the fields, hiding from my people, hiding from my machines, hiding, confused, not knowing what to do.
(fuzziness of dreams, lost details).
Somehow I find myself back near the center of town/civilization, when I find Henry, and learn that he was unable to find his sister, or his mothers, and that they’re whereabouts are unknown. Of course, that pisses me off, and worries, etc., to no end.
Now, a fewof these VW-on-steroid-stilts come around again, and I am really, fr@cking pissed….
“Bring it on!” I scream, or some such thing, along with a rather complete list of expletives and dirty names for these machines, the batteries they rode in on, and their mothers….
And they stop dead in their tracks. A couple even fall over…smoke coming out of their…ears?
I think back to the shattered glass at the farm compound…No…it could not have been moi, screaming in anger, that caused the glass to shatter, could it?
Did not somebody fire a weapon, or something?
I don’t know….
But, when I screamed here, these little, ladybug-b@st@rds have stopped dead in their tracks, and, they are, after all, largely operating on fiber-optic wiring, inside, and, lo and behold, it is so; I can shatter glass when I get pissed off and hurl expletives, and, thus, stop these little shites, in their tracks, and all is well and good.

Kind of a cool dream, anyway, so, I though I’d share.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, it is 7:30 again, and I must get back to work.

Written by tonybaldwin

July 3, 2008 at 7:48 am

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